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Four bike maintenance tips

Who doesn’t love the thrill of cycling? However, when it comes to bikes, the fact is that maintaining a bike regularly is key to keeping the excitement going for a long, long time. Here are some aspects to consider:


One of the most important things when maintaining your bike is to make sure it is cleaned regularly. It may sound boring, but it’s true. Regular cleaning will greatly help keep your bike in top shape. What does the cleanliness of the bike have to do with its performance? There are. If you do not clean your bike regularly, all dirt and impurities remain on the bike’s surface and over time affect the performance of your bike. Likewise, dirt and debris accumulations make the bike prone to corrosion.
If you think you need special accessories to clean your bike, then you’re wrong. All you need is a sponge and a bucket of soap. Although, if you don’t want to wash your bike with anything, try the WD-40 Bike Cleaner. After removing the mud from the bike, spray the WD-40 Bike Cleaner on the bike and then rinse with water. If the stains are more stubborn, you may need to repeat the process more than once.
To protect the metal parts of your bicycle, spray them with the classic WD-40. WD-40 coating will prevent corrosion.


Another important thing about maintaining your bike is ensuring that the tires are inflated to the extent they should be. Why is this important? A poorly inflated bicycle tire increases the risk of multiple tire punctures, and you don’t want that to happen, do you?
There are several ways you can inflate a tire on a bicycle, including the use of hand pumps, but the fact is that nothing works like a gauge pump. One of the biggest advantages of a pressure gauge pump is that you can enter the exact amount of air that is recommended for your tire type – no more or less.
Ensuring that your bicycle tires are always sufficiently inflated will greatly help keep your tires in serviceable condition for the longest time.


Some people think that speed is the only thing that matters when it comes to their bikes. In reality, this is not exactly the case, as with great speed comes great responsibility to exercise control over the bike. Controlling your bike means you need to be sure that you will be able to stop whenever you want, regardless of the speed at which you are moving at that moment. For this reason, your brakes must be in excellent condition.
The first thing you need to do is ensure that your bike does not have worn brake pads. There is very little difference between worn brake pads and unusable brake pads. If your brake pads are worn out, replace them immediately.
Another thing to keep in mind is that the brakes on your bike are solid. If your brakes come loose, be sure to tighten them. There are several ways to do this. However, the easiest way is to turn the adjusting tube up to the brake lever.


The bike chain is probably the most important part of your bike, as it directly affects the bike’s performance. If your chain is dirty and greasy, then it is very important to remove any impurities from your bike’s chain. You can use the WD-40 Bike Degreaser. All you have to do is apply the WD-40 Bike Degreaser onto the bike chain and clean the chain thoroughly after a while (eg with an old toothbrush). This way you will be sure to remove absolutely all the dirt and dirt that is stuck between the chains.
And that is it! You didn’t think cleaning the chain was that simple, did you?
When you have cleaned the chain, we recommend applying a layer of lubricant to it. Why? Because the final coat of lubricant will ensure that your chain runs smoothly while cycling. The WD-40 Bike has a wide range of bicycle lubricants (for dry conditions, wet conditions and all-round lubricants) to suit your needs. You can also use the classic WD-40 as a bicycle chain lubricant.