Modern logistics implies the concept of integral logistics management, uninterrupted flow of products through the distribution channel, from production to the end user.

A quality supply chain is the competitive value of any company.

This is exactly what Logistika ROX has in its vision and focus; to provide the client with a complete and high-quality service, from the entry of goods to distribution to points of sale, return logistics and especially value-added logistics.

Our state-of-the-art IT systems (WMS, 3PL) provide the possibility of 24-hour control and real-time inventory management, and enable full IT connectivity with our partners via EDI/API connection.

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Rox Logistics offers its business partners transport services of ambient goods of the temperature regime within Croatia. Do you want to reduce the costs of transporting goods along our quality, fast and efficient delivery?

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The ROX logistics distribution center of 7,000 square meters and 4,500 pallet spaces is located in Zagreb and supplies the entire area of Croatia and Slovenia.

Comprehensive and multifunctional software solutions enable us to manage delivery and transport in an integrated way, so that all orders are fulfilled on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Warehousing, ordering services , output documentation, monitoring of goods by deadline, lot and series, as well as insight into the warehouse, the flow of goods and services, which is always available to our partners.

Do you always want transparent, optimized logistics costs? Contact: logistika@rox.hr

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Regardless of the activity, we provide an optimal logistics solution and easy management of goods with minimal return logistics costs: regular and extraordinary returns, processing, sorting and re-delivery.

Value-added services such as labeling, declaring goods, packaging, repackaging, promo packaging services in heat-shrinkable foil have become our very recognizable trademark in the world of logistics services in the last few years.

Our hard-working, coordinated team annually declares and labels over 25,000,000 pieces of goods, and machines over 10,000,000 promo packages.

Do you need declaration, labeling, promo packaging services? Our professional team is always at your disposal! Contact: logistika@rox.hr

ROX logistics

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