KH-7 is a Spanish brand specialized in cleaning and maintaining the household. It includes a range of cleaning products for kitchen, bathroom, furniture, glass, and for stain removal.

A brand developed with a clear intention to offer its customers and clients product that suit their needs and help in cleaning, while being eco-friendly.

KH-7 has years of leading position in the Spanish market of cleaning products, as demonstrated by the products that pass strict control and quality assurance tests.



KH-7 Degreaser is a professional product that uses the most advanced technology for complete, quick and easy removal and the most solid grease. Ideal for cleaning kitchens and all other surfaces where grease and stubborn dirt is collected, including clothing. In addition to the kitchen, it can be used on: floors, curtains, air conditioners, radiators, plastic garden furniture, grills, bicycles, motorcycles, sneakers, etc. In addition to the classic Degreaser, the KH-7 is a Lemon-scented Degreaser.


KH-7 Antical is designed for thorough and easy descaling, maximizing cleanliness and time savings. The product boasts high efficiency in removing stubborn lime and dirt deposits. The water repellent effect prevents the build-up of lime scale, achieving perfectly glossy surfaces, and thanks to the refresher effect, it leaves a scent of cleanliness throughout the bathroom. KH-7 Anti-lime scale is ideal for cleaning all lime-collecting surfaces such as washbasins, toilets, faucets, showers, sinks, tiles, etc.


KH-7 Stain Remover is a stain remover on enzymatic clothing specifically formulated for easy removal of grease from clothing. With its application, the KH-7 Stain Remover removes resistant stains without any effort before washing and makes the perfect detergent supplement. Efficiency and care for white and colored underwear.


KH-7 All-in-One Bathroom Cleaner provides the most comfortable way to clean your bathroom. With its practical and effective efficiency, it gives the bathroom a lasting glow and a fresh green apple and mint scent. After using the KH-7, the multi-purpose bathroom cleaner does not need to be flushed.


KH-7 Glass is a multi-purpose glass and glass cleaner. Easily, practically and effectively cleans all glass surfaces, providing lasting shine without leaving traces. KH-7 Glass fills the home with the fresh scent of red grapefruit and sandalwood.

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