TROLLI | Rox - pouzdano izvrsni
TROLLI | Rox - pouzdano izvrsni

Trolli candies are legendary sweets that have won the hearts of sweet tooths all over the world. With its diverse assortment of colorful, fruity and unusual shapes, Trolli candies are synonymous with fun, playfulness and irresistible sweetness.

What sets Trolli candies apart is their creativity and innovation in creating unusual shapes and flavors. Whether you’re a fan of classic fruit flavors like strawberry, lemon, or raspberry, or you’re more into adventurous combinations, like sour gummies or fruit mixes, Trolli has something for everyone.

With distinctive packaging that reflects the brand’s playfulness and long-standing reputation for quality, Trolli candies have become an indispensable dessert at parties, trips and everyday moments of enjoyment.


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