FRESH DAY | Rox - pouzdano izvrsni
FRESH DAY | Rox - pouzdano izvrsni

The Fresh Day brand for air fresheners will help release the freshness of nature into your home with its products. Fresh Day air fresheners will eliminate all unpleasant odors and give the room a long-lasting fragrance that will beautify the home.

Relax and refresh in the scents of lavender, rose, lily of the valley, vanilla, orange, forest fruit or ocean and choose the one that best suits your taste. A few spritzes of Fresh Day air freshener are enough to diffuse some of these mild but powerful scents around the room and freshen it up.

Fresh Day room fresheners are intended for any type of room, which will give a new and fresh smell. When outside air enters the room, Fresh Day neutralizes the outside smell and blends it with the smell of the room.

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